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National River Conservation Directorate 
National River Conservation Directorate is a flagship scheme of Govt. of India, Ministry of Environment & Forest for abatement of pollution and conservation of rivers in the country.

The objectives of the River Conservation Plan is to improve the water quality of the rivers, which are the major fresh water sources in the country, to achieve 'designated-best-use' water quality criteria through the implementation of pollution abatement schemes. The pollution of the rivers is both from the point sources and the non-point sources of pollution.

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GANGA AT A GLANCE Length: 2,525 sq.km Source: Gaumukh (Gangotri glacier) at 4,100 metres above MSL. Ganga basin: more than one million sq.km (1,060,000 sq.km) Drainage area: 861,404 sq.km (26.2 per cent of India's total geographical area) Break up: Uttar Pradesh: 294,413 sq.km Madhya Pradesh: 201,705 sq.km Bihar: 144,410 sq.km Rajasthan: 107,382 sq.km West Bengal: 72,010 sq.km Haryana: 34,200 sq.km Himachal Pradesh: 5,799 sq.km Delhi: 1,485 sq.km TOTAL: 861,404 sq.km
Annual flow: 468.7 billion cubic metres (25.2 per cent of India's total water resources) Flow at Rishikesh: 27 billion cubic metres of water. Important stations on the Ganga and distance from source: Rishikesh 250 km Balawali 330 km Garhmukteshwar 440 km Kachla Bridge 510 km Fatehgarh 670 km Kanpur 800 km Allahabad 1050 km Mirzapur 1170 km Varanasi 1295 km Buxar 1430 km Patna 1600 km Baharampur 2175 km Nabadwip 2285 km